Blasen Garage Doors are the garage door spring replacement specialists in Clinton, IL. This garage doors service knows all about garage door springs. They have the experience and training required to provide outstanding spring replacement and installation services for both residential and commercial customers. This owner operated company understands how dangerous garage door springs can be and they take every precaution to install or replace them with the utmost precision and care.

Springs for garage doors tend to wear out with excessive use. Garage door spring replacement is a very popular service in Clinton, IL. There are some services homeowners will attempt on their own from time to time, but spring replacement is not typically one of them. The two commonly utilized garage door springs on homes are:

• Extension Springs
• Torsion Springs

Extension springs come in a pair and are placed on each side of the overhead door. The torsion spring is a single component mounted above the overhead door.

Garage door springs have the primary duty of balancing and holding up heavy garage doors. In order to accomplish this goal the springs must be wound very tight. If these springs snap back during the service the person providing the service could be injured or even killed. It is for this very reason that Blasen Garage Doors should be hired to provide this service safely.

Blasen Garage Doors is devoted to providing garage door spring replacement and installation services that also provides their clients with peace of mind. There is nothing like a dangling garage door to add stress and frustration to a hectic day. Fortunately, Blasen Garage Doors has the answers to these problems and they will provide them faster and more affordably than the competition.

Give Blasen Garage Doors the opportunity to provide impeccable garage door spring replacement service for the home or business in Clinton, IL and set back and enjoy the pristine results.

We invite you to contact Blasen Garage Doors for outstanding commercial garage doors, residential garage doors and garage door spring replacement service in Clinton, IL.
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